Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Reminder for PA Hunters

This weekend is the weekend to submit resident doe tag applications, dont forget.

Size 26, Are You Crazy?

Its that time of year again, the tricos are starting to come out. Some people wouldn't even dream of trying to fish this hatch. Size 26 flies are common and any larger will produce mixed results. To see a trico hatch in Centre County is something of amazement. Its early morning, crisp, the fish are feeding on terrestrials and the usual crustaceans found year round and then about 9am a black cloud forms, thousands of tricos come out from their hiding. While it can be frustrating to fish them on top many people have neglected to really think outside the box. PUT A SPLIT SHOT ON... yeah, you heard me, tack that baby on right about a foot above the dry fly. You dont need a special pattern and you WILL catch fish. I figured this out years ago fishing the caddis and have applied it to almost every hatch imaginable. If you doubt me try it, you wont doubt me anymore. Think about it, you see bugs ride the surface, what happens when they hit a riffle... they go to the bottom and since 80% of a trouts diet is taken sub surface guess what happens, fish on!

This hatch provides tons of solitude in my opinion, not a better time to schedule a trip.