Thursday, November 20, 2008

Changes, Take Note

Recently my server went down for a little bit. Dont fret, it should come back up today. I am in the market searching for a new hosting provider. Not that my current provider is bad, but theres better pricing available.

A new website is in design mode. Hopefully with the start of a new year will come a whole new website for This new site will have a new look, new formatting and new interaction that brings the site to life.

Additionally, I am begging work on a new product for Fishing and Hunting. This software will be something that everyone can and most likely will use. I will give people the ability to keep a journal, find weather predictions and much more. I cant let the cat out of the bag yet.

Keep your eyes on the site and get ready for a new year. Great things are on the way.

Please also take note that due to my internet provider blocking my email ports I would prefer you to email me at jeremy.hoffman(at) for spam purposes, replace at with @).


Monday, November 10, 2008

November 8, 2008 - Second To Last Saturday

As promised Im back to furnish my findings on what went down in the deer woods on Saturday.

The weather man predicted rain, typically when i hear this if I plan to go out I'll take my blind. Recently I figured it was time to invest in a treestand umbrella, best $11 dollars Ive ever spent. It goes up fast, its light and I wasnt soaked come Saturday morning.

I finally got settled in at 5:30am, a good hour before daylight. I decided not to use a drag figuring the rain would make it pointless. I stayed till 11am and never saw a deer. I think a couple guys have made some wrong moves that caused this. Remember, public land.

Afternoon found me in a funnel Ive been waiting to hunt. Its a long walk with a bunch of gear. Climbed up, pulled the bow up, knocked my quiver to the ground. I went back down for it. After I got to the top for a second time a resident near by started shooting at birds with a .22 cal rifle. I could hear bullets impacting the trees around me and decided no deer was worth dying. I walked back to the truck. It was 4pm, I packed it up and went home.

No deer seen but the kills on the roads tell me the movement must be great, theres dead deer everywhere.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Archery Vacation Close At Hand

My joy and excitement is almost too much to handle. Next week I'll have a solid three days in the woods to relax, take everything in and hopefully harvest a deer.

My tried and true method during this time of year is a drag line. Ive used almost every commercial scent sold in retail stores. Ive also tried a few scents that were once private, smaller operations which have grown. At some point in time theyve all produced results. The cheapest nastiest stuff you can find will bring a deer in on the right day.

Recently Ive happened on to a company in PA. When it comes to dealing with items related to the outdoors. I prefer to give my money to family owned businesses, the little guy if you will. This company is called RealScent. So far I havent seen the product but archers in the forums give it rave reviews. Actually I just got off the phone with the customer service rep who gave me some good information. Having someone to talk to and make sure things are right are a big plus in my book. One thing I really liked was that i can buy massive amounts of doe in heat at a reasonable price. Its always refrigerated and should be here in time for next week. During our conversation I asked about freezing leftovers for the following season. I was instructed to not do that but rather just continue with refrigeration. If this stuff works out, I know who ill be buying from in the future.

Two years ago I took a nice 6pt using a drag line. This deer should have been an 8pt in my opinion but lacked brow tines, common in the area I killed it. I also have been seeing MASSIVE deer recently on my trail cams. A fellow hunter of the area commented on how many big bucks he has seen and I cant help but think that the great food sources combined with the mineral supplements ive been feeding the deer for two seasons have a big part of it. The deer go crazy, clearly theres a lack of what makes antlers grow in this area. Most likely a big cause is the very limited crop rotation. Its always soybeans, alfalfa or corn.

In short, I have about 48 hours in total left in the early archery season, Im pumped up and hope things pan out. This year Ive made a decision to seek out the warmest clothes I can find planning on possibly having to go into late archery season.

Ill try and give a report of my last four days, tomorrow, next Thurs., Fri. Sat.

Good luck, nows the time to make it happen. I want to end with saying, do not give up in the middle of the day. 5 out of the last 6 bucks ive shot were taken between the hours of 10 and 3pm.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Custom Flies

I am now going to offer custom orders of flies. Contact me with what you want and I will give you a price. Prices will vary based on the type of materials that must be used and time to create the fly. Max order of three dozen a person per order.

A good idea for the fly fisherman for Christmas would be to ask me to create an order based on location for you. You can then order the box you want from a place of your choice. Add the flies and Christmas morning the fly fisher in your life will have a big smile. If you would like me to choose the box also I can, price will be then included in final price.



Monday, November 3, 2008

Greg Senyo's Wiggle Stone

Tail, Antennae & Legs: Brown or Black Goose Biots
Body: Black or Brown Dubbing
Rib: Wire of your choice
Mid Connection: 10lb Flurocarbon or Superbraid
Wingcase: Nymph Skin or Raffia
Flash: Perl
Thorax: Color of your choice, greg uses many.

Tie in two goose biots on each side to form the tail.

Tie in ribbing wire

Dub your body and counter wrap the wire.

Cut off the hook point with side cutters, you do not want this because the connection between sections cannot hold the weight of the fish.

Using a piece of mono or super braid, loop it through the hook eye, tie both ends into a second hook and hit it with a drop of superglue.

Tie in your wingcase and flash.

Advance your thread forward and tie in your antennae. These can also be substituted with moose mane for a slimmer more natural look.

Dub a small section and tie in a set of biots on each side for legs.

Take a piece of heavy mono and burn both ends for eyes, this is optional.

Tie in the eyes, dub a small amt, pull over the wingcase and flash and whip finish.

Adams Tutorial

Hook: Size 10-20
Hackle: Brown and Grizzley
Tail: Microfibbets(brown or clear)
Body: Tan Dubbing
Thread: 8/0 Brown Uni-Thread

First, Take FOUR micro fibbets, split them into two.

Use a small amount of dubbing and create a tapered body.

Tie in the base of the hackles. DO NOT TIE IN BY THE TIPS, this creates a POOR look. Use a small amount of dubbing for a base which you will wrap the hackle over. Wrap one hackle at a time. Lash down each hackle.

Add another small amount of dubbing. And whip finish.

If you wish to have a fly which rides more flush with the surface, trim out a small v on the underside.

The adams is an all purpose searching fly, when you cant match the hatch exactly or there isnt a hatch, grab an adams.

If you wish to see a specific pattern please post a comment with your request or email me at

Dont forget to check out for the blog over there with fishing reports as well as tutorials from 2008 Orvis Fly Tyer of the Year...Greg Senyo aka George Senko.

Turkeys Everywhere

This hunting season has had very few moments when it comes to whitetail encounters but the turkey population is exploding. Ive seen birds on almost every trip to the woods. Its almost impossible not to see turkeys.

Saturday evening I took a stand that Ive been saving for this time of year. When I hung the stand weeks prior I had turkeys within a hundred yards the whole time. Around 3pm I heard very loud noise above me on the mountain. Assuming they were turkeys(i was hunting deer) I decided to be a little crazy. I called out to them with just my mouth. Within 10 seconds the woods exploded with turkeys flying down off the mountain and lighting in the trees. I waited and waited hoping to get a shot. Didnt pan out but I know of more then one place I have high expectations of filling my tag this fall.

Honestly, if you can call decent and are willing to get in an area where you see bird sign you are almost assured to kill a bird. Get out there and get them!

Trade A Guided Fishing Trip For A Hunt

I would like to trade a full guided trip for a hunt somewhere other then pa. I dont expect it to be a game ranch but at least be put in an area that has good numbers and the chance i wont get ruined by another hunter(private land). If it would be on a ranch i REFUSE to hunt high fenced areas. Must be free ranging whitetail/elk/hogs. I would prefer to trade the trip with an Ohio, Kansas, Iowa or Wisconsin resident.

I would also be willing to trade a guided trip for two in Erie Pa during steelhead season or a stream in Central Pa such as Spring Creek, Little J, Penns Creek or others for EXCLUSIVE rights to a piece of property greater then 50 acres in size with the ability to create at least one food plot.

Im open to quite a few options, bounce one off of me.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

2008 PA Archery Season

Archery season has been in for just over a week here in PA. Ive spent about four days in the woods so far and I must say, its not going well for me. Two of my best stands I have yet to touch, havent made it out for the morning yet. Working a full time job sure is taxing on how much time I can spend in a tree. So far Ive seen a mother and a fawn, that's it, four days of hunting. The area Ive hunted most for the past couple of years has seen a major influx in pressure. Its time too move to other areas, of which I have a few in the back of my mind that I feel have probably never been touched. Google Earth is an amazing tool for scouting. Allowing you to see changes in 3D and the ability to add topographic maps makes it hard to beat. TerraServer comes in a close second and has better images then some areas of Google Earth. I hope my season is due for a shift. Driving, although costly may be one of the few options left. My area doesnt have a lot of farmland and what farmland is here is pretty much POSTED. Landowners who have land posted seem reluctant to even let a single archer on the property, many believe the deer herd is reduced to a level that they dont want it to become any lower. One farm I witnessed 40+ deer in one night with a spotlight. I stopped and asked a few days later and the guy claimed I was crazy, that he only had "Seven Deer". I saw them with my own two eyes. The features to make finding deer just dont seem to be here. Im in the market for a land lease in around Central Pennsylvania, if anyone has one, please contact me at

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Goodbye Gram

I would like to take a moment to remember my Grandmother who passed away yesterday afternoon. Jennine Marie Hoffman was a major influence in my life. Anyone who has taken a moment to visit my about section knows that my Grandparents are the reason I love the outdoors so much. They spent countless hours with me in the woods, on the streams and teaching me how to smile. Just thinking about all the times we shared brings a smile to my face. I dont even have to close my eyes to remember the smile on her face. Theres so many memories its hard to focus on a single one. The time we laughed at pap for falling down the bank while dragging the boat and he got mad... just for a second... just like me. The times we sat on the banks of the Juniata river and used purple Mr Twisters to catch rockbass after rockbass. The times I accused her of being at the better end of the boat causing her to catch all the fish. When in reality, she was a better fisherman then I was, i was ten years old and expected to outfish a woman who fished for 40 years. My grandmother will live in my memory forever. The smiles, the laughs, we shared so many good times. She helped solidify my love for the outdoors just like my grandfather who i still am fortunate enough to spend a little more time with. I cannot imagine how lonely he must be, they loved each other and spent 50 years in each others company. Gram couldnt enjoy life like she used to in the past couple years and although i wont see her for a long time, im glad her pain and suffering has ended. Gram, we love love you, we will miss you and until we meet again... god speed! I hope its your time to spend more time on the water.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Reminder for PA Hunters

This weekend is the weekend to submit resident doe tag applications, dont forget.

Size 26, Are You Crazy?

Its that time of year again, the tricos are starting to come out. Some people wouldn't even dream of trying to fish this hatch. Size 26 flies are common and any larger will produce mixed results. To see a trico hatch in Centre County is something of amazement. Its early morning, crisp, the fish are feeding on terrestrials and the usual crustaceans found year round and then about 9am a black cloud forms, thousands of tricos come out from their hiding. While it can be frustrating to fish them on top many people have neglected to really think outside the box. PUT A SPLIT SHOT ON... yeah, you heard me, tack that baby on right about a foot above the dry fly. You dont need a special pattern and you WILL catch fish. I figured this out years ago fishing the caddis and have applied it to almost every hatch imaginable. If you doubt me try it, you wont doubt me anymore. Think about it, you see bugs ride the surface, what happens when they hit a riffle... they go to the bottom and since 80% of a trouts diet is taken sub surface guess what happens, fish on!

This hatch provides tons of solitude in my opinion, not a better time to schedule a trip.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Bass and Flies are COMING!

Centre County has been a swarm of activity. Sulphers have been hatching for weeks and it appears to me that we also have a hendrickson hatch on the Bald Eagle. They seem a little late but with the weather who knows whats going to happen. It was expected the cicada would have been here by now but the have only been seen a few here and there at times. The streams are starting to drop in level, although... last night it rained pretty hard. This is the time of year when bass start running into the creek along with a few crappies and rock bass. Virtually no one fishes for these guys and having a good time is easliy achieved. Sometimes I think its actually more exciting then trout fishing in the Bald Eagle because in the upper reaches the streams are loaded! Two nights ago while walking with my family we found a hellgramite walking across the road, what he was doing the whole way up there I dont know. Usually they have wings around this time and fly but this guy didnt. Im hoping to see some of you and my pro staff coming to enjoy these untouched treasures. Bring your bassn arms, you may just catch multiple species in the same day!

Monday, March 31, 2008

Trout Opener

As a special offer for the trout opener if you book a trip between March 31 - April 7(2008) I will give you a 25% discount on the trip. This DOES NOT include Lake Erie steelhead trips. Trip must be scheduled to fish between April 1,2008 - Oct 1,2008. Full day trips and half day trips both qualify for the discount. Half day trips during the week will start at 6pm and go until dark. Weekend half days are available morning or evening.

Friday, March 28, 2008

The Bugs Are HERE!

This week we hit a warm patch in the spring. During the days we saw almost 50. I left work and stopped out at my mothers on Spring Creek to give it a whirl. After going in to visit I came back out to the bed of my truck swarming with midges. I have a feeling that they thought the black bed liner was the creek. I couldn't hardly contain myself, I was shaking with the thought of how good the fishing would be while I was setting my rig up. I finally got my composure and rod setup and headed to the creek. The second drift and WHAMO... fish on. I knew the fish was a hog... literally, a hog nose sucker! I made my way upstream and couldn't find the fish in the deep runs. Am I doing something wrong? Surely not, I know from previous trips that sometimes in this cool water the fish can move up really shallow. Oxygen levels are so high they dont have to be tucked right up to the riffles or in the deep runs. Sure enough I spun myself around the opposite direction and started fishing water that was inches deep. Lets just say, I made the right decision. In the next half hour I picked up twenty fish or more, there were times when cast after consecutive cast brought a fish to hand.

Season is rocking and I did see some olives. They have to be hatching mid day which I haven't been fortunate enough to hit yet. Light tippet didn't seem to matter, the fish took 4x no problem.

April 12th brings the official start of Trout Season in PA. There's a lot of nice stocked streams to fish in the area. Streams that only fish in the Spring. Give me a call, lets spend a day on the water!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Brook Trout, Cold Waters, Easter With ZeroG

The call of the brookies was rocking this weekend. Greg had called me months ago and asked me to spend Saturday at the Brook Trout Retreat. We woke saturday morning to it snowing, 3" on the road! It was 52degrees when we went to bed... what happened? After a long drive through the snow we arrived. We met Greg Sr, Greg and Joel. After a small bs session we headed out to fish. The water was COLD and it showed. The fish just didnt wanna move for anything. A ten feather streamer brought two into my hands. With that, we called it a day and drove back home.

This morning I woke up and for some reason decided I was going back to bed. Must have been the cold. I've had a brand new Orvis ZeroG setting here in the house for a week that needed fished. Well, regardless that it was easter I had to go cast this rod. I didnt get to spend much time with it but it had no problem throwing a nymph rig out forty feet in the wind. I cant even imagine what it will be like on a nice day. The rod itself is simply beautiful. I matched it with a LA Battenkill and Scientific Anglers Trout WF line. I must say, that line is impressive too, very smooth, time will tell how it holds up but for now I definitely like it.

I plan to head out a day or more this week, the stream is coming down but its still moving pretty good. Hopefully this cold will go away soon.

Friday, March 7, 2008

The Madness of High Waters

Tuesday began with me waking up and realizing the day was going to get ugly fast, the rain had already started and I knew we were going to be in trouble with the foot of snow we had. I mentioned to Kelsea before going to bed that we were going to wake up to flood waters. Sure enough early in the morning I was awoken to water rushing into the basement. A solid two feet. In a panic of why the pump wasnt keeping the water out I had to cut a bad section out and tie it back into the sump.

While i did this, the water kept coming. The previous owner of my house made the mistake of also not installing a check valve on the pump hose, half the water would go out, half would run back in. It was really a losing situation. At 8am I drove to the hardware store to get a check valve and ended up buying a second pump. Both have been running since 10am Wednesday to keep the basement as dry as possible. When i went to get the stuff I took the camera's, video and still. Whole trees were coming down the creek and I thought that we were going to see it spill. In some places it did spill.

As of this morning, the creeks are not even close to fishable and they are calling for more rain tonight. Cross your fingers in hopes we didnt have another washout of the nymphs or were in for bad hatches again this year.

If you want to see more images please visit:

Saturday, February 16, 2008

An 18 fly Assortment

My pro team has asked that I make a 36 fly 18 pattern assortment for fishing the local streams. I told them I would have them out to them this week so that people could start buying them before season. The list looks like this:

No Hackle BWO & Sulphur
Traditional Catskill Sulphur
Traditional Catskill BWO
BWO Wet Fly
Sow Bug
Elk Hair Caddis
Foam Cricket
Foam Ant
Glass Bead Midge Pupa
Green Drake Wiggle Nymph
Green Drake Spinner
Sulphur Nymph
BWO Nymph
Pheasant Tail
Walts Worm
Hares Ear Nymph
Jeremys - Spring Creek Shiner

They will come ONLY as a boxed set.

I also plan to have them offer for this year a Cicada in anticipation of the 17yr Cicada(2008) for our area. These will not be cheap as they are spun hair or lots of foam.

The box will be available soon.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Local Streams In Febuary

I bailed out of working Friday afternoon. I had a lunch to attend with my new group from PSU. Upon leaving I decided I wanted to fish. Arriving home I packed my gear into the truck. It has been raining and melting for days and the stream is an absolute mud pit. There are however a few little tribs to the big streams which hold fish. One I discovered from I-80 and I figured I would give that a look. I could not however find the stream from the Eastbound side. Running low on time I headed to another local trib of Spring Creek. Its not very large, you could almost jump across it in spots but it holds fish. It also, does not see the volumes of water as the main stream. After I got suited up I headed to the first hole, three casts later I landed a nice 15" wild brown on a blue winged olive emerger. I thought I had made the right choice but as I continued to work upstream I went fishless. I dropped back down with a streamer this time and missed several more fish. Next thing I knew it was time to hang it up and go home for dinner. While I did a lot of driving for one fish I'm sure many people never even dreamed about fishing with the conditions the big streams were in. Just goes to show, you can always catch a fish somewhere.