Sunday, October 12, 2008

2008 PA Archery Season

Archery season has been in for just over a week here in PA. Ive spent about four days in the woods so far and I must say, its not going well for me. Two of my best stands I have yet to touch, havent made it out for the morning yet. Working a full time job sure is taxing on how much time I can spend in a tree. So far Ive seen a mother and a fawn, that's it, four days of hunting. The area Ive hunted most for the past couple of years has seen a major influx in pressure. Its time too move to other areas, of which I have a few in the back of my mind that I feel have probably never been touched. Google Earth is an amazing tool for scouting. Allowing you to see changes in 3D and the ability to add topographic maps makes it hard to beat. TerraServer comes in a close second and has better images then some areas of Google Earth. I hope my season is due for a shift. Driving, although costly may be one of the few options left. My area doesnt have a lot of farmland and what farmland is here is pretty much POSTED. Landowners who have land posted seem reluctant to even let a single archer on the property, many believe the deer herd is reduced to a level that they dont want it to become any lower. One farm I witnessed 40+ deer in one night with a spotlight. I stopped and asked a few days later and the guy claimed I was crazy, that he only had "Seven Deer". I saw them with my own two eyes. The features to make finding deer just dont seem to be here. Im in the market for a land lease in around Central Pennsylvania, if anyone has one, please contact me at

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Goodbye Gram

I would like to take a moment to remember my Grandmother who passed away yesterday afternoon. Jennine Marie Hoffman was a major influence in my life. Anyone who has taken a moment to visit my about section knows that my Grandparents are the reason I love the outdoors so much. They spent countless hours with me in the woods, on the streams and teaching me how to smile. Just thinking about all the times we shared brings a smile to my face. I dont even have to close my eyes to remember the smile on her face. Theres so many memories its hard to focus on a single one. The time we laughed at pap for falling down the bank while dragging the boat and he got mad... just for a second... just like me. The times we sat on the banks of the Juniata river and used purple Mr Twisters to catch rockbass after rockbass. The times I accused her of being at the better end of the boat causing her to catch all the fish. When in reality, she was a better fisherman then I was, i was ten years old and expected to outfish a woman who fished for 40 years. My grandmother will live in my memory forever. The smiles, the laughs, we shared so many good times. She helped solidify my love for the outdoors just like my grandfather who i still am fortunate enough to spend a little more time with. I cannot imagine how lonely he must be, they loved each other and spent 50 years in each others company. Gram couldnt enjoy life like she used to in the past couple years and although i wont see her for a long time, im glad her pain and suffering has ended. Gram, we love love you, we will miss you and until we meet again... god speed! I hope its your time to spend more time on the water.