Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Local Streams In Febuary

I bailed out of working Friday afternoon. I had a lunch to attend with my new group from PSU. Upon leaving I decided I wanted to fish. Arriving home I packed my gear into the truck. It has been raining and melting for days and the stream is an absolute mud pit. There are however a few little tribs to the big streams which hold fish. One I discovered from I-80 and I figured I would give that a look. I could not however find the stream from the Eastbound side. Running low on time I headed to another local trib of Spring Creek. Its not very large, you could almost jump across it in spots but it holds fish. It also, does not see the volumes of water as the main stream. After I got suited up I headed to the first hole, three casts later I landed a nice 15" wild brown on a blue winged olive emerger. I thought I had made the right choice but as I continued to work upstream I went fishless. I dropped back down with a streamer this time and missed several more fish. Next thing I knew it was time to hang it up and go home for dinner. While I did a lot of driving for one fish I'm sure many people never even dreamed about fishing with the conditions the big streams were in. Just goes to show, you can always catch a fish somewhere.

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