Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Bass and Flies are COMING!

Centre County has been a swarm of activity. Sulphers have been hatching for weeks and it appears to me that we also have a hendrickson hatch on the Bald Eagle. They seem a little late but with the weather who knows whats going to happen. It was expected the cicada would have been here by now but the have only been seen a few here and there at times. The streams are starting to drop in level, although... last night it rained pretty hard. This is the time of year when bass start running into the creek along with a few crappies and rock bass. Virtually no one fishes for these guys and having a good time is easliy achieved. Sometimes I think its actually more exciting then trout fishing in the Bald Eagle because in the upper reaches the streams are loaded! Two nights ago while walking with my family we found a hellgramite walking across the road, what he was doing the whole way up there I dont know. Usually they have wings around this time and fly but this guy didnt. Im hoping to see some of you and my pro staff coming to enjoy these untouched treasures. Bring your bassn arms, you may just catch multiple species in the same day!

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