Friday, March 28, 2008

The Bugs Are HERE!

This week we hit a warm patch in the spring. During the days we saw almost 50. I left work and stopped out at my mothers on Spring Creek to give it a whirl. After going in to visit I came back out to the bed of my truck swarming with midges. I have a feeling that they thought the black bed liner was the creek. I couldn't hardly contain myself, I was shaking with the thought of how good the fishing would be while I was setting my rig up. I finally got my composure and rod setup and headed to the creek. The second drift and WHAMO... fish on. I knew the fish was a hog... literally, a hog nose sucker! I made my way upstream and couldn't find the fish in the deep runs. Am I doing something wrong? Surely not, I know from previous trips that sometimes in this cool water the fish can move up really shallow. Oxygen levels are so high they dont have to be tucked right up to the riffles or in the deep runs. Sure enough I spun myself around the opposite direction and started fishing water that was inches deep. Lets just say, I made the right decision. In the next half hour I picked up twenty fish or more, there were times when cast after consecutive cast brought a fish to hand.

Season is rocking and I did see some olives. They have to be hatching mid day which I haven't been fortunate enough to hit yet. Light tippet didn't seem to matter, the fish took 4x no problem.

April 12th brings the official start of Trout Season in PA. There's a lot of nice stocked streams to fish in the area. Streams that only fish in the Spring. Give me a call, lets spend a day on the water!

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