Friday, March 7, 2008

The Madness of High Waters

Tuesday began with me waking up and realizing the day was going to get ugly fast, the rain had already started and I knew we were going to be in trouble with the foot of snow we had. I mentioned to Kelsea before going to bed that we were going to wake up to flood waters. Sure enough early in the morning I was awoken to water rushing into the basement. A solid two feet. In a panic of why the pump wasnt keeping the water out I had to cut a bad section out and tie it back into the sump.

While i did this, the water kept coming. The previous owner of my house made the mistake of also not installing a check valve on the pump hose, half the water would go out, half would run back in. It was really a losing situation. At 8am I drove to the hardware store to get a check valve and ended up buying a second pump. Both have been running since 10am Wednesday to keep the basement as dry as possible. When i went to get the stuff I took the camera's, video and still. Whole trees were coming down the creek and I thought that we were going to see it spill. In some places it did spill.

As of this morning, the creeks are not even close to fishable and they are calling for more rain tonight. Cross your fingers in hopes we didnt have another washout of the nymphs or were in for bad hatches again this year.

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