Monday, November 3, 2008

Adams Tutorial

Hook: Size 10-20
Hackle: Brown and Grizzley
Tail: Microfibbets(brown or clear)
Body: Tan Dubbing
Thread: 8/0 Brown Uni-Thread

First, Take FOUR micro fibbets, split them into two.

Use a small amount of dubbing and create a tapered body.

Tie in the base of the hackles. DO NOT TIE IN BY THE TIPS, this creates a POOR look. Use a small amount of dubbing for a base which you will wrap the hackle over. Wrap one hackle at a time. Lash down each hackle.

Add another small amount of dubbing. And whip finish.

If you wish to have a fly which rides more flush with the surface, trim out a small v on the underside.

The adams is an all purpose searching fly, when you cant match the hatch exactly or there isnt a hatch, grab an adams.

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Dont forget to check out for the blog over there with fishing reports as well as tutorials from 2008 Orvis Fly Tyer of the Year...Greg Senyo aka George Senko.

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