Monday, November 3, 2008

Greg Senyo's Wiggle Stone

Tail, Antennae & Legs: Brown or Black Goose Biots
Body: Black or Brown Dubbing
Rib: Wire of your choice
Mid Connection: 10lb Flurocarbon or Superbraid
Wingcase: Nymph Skin or Raffia
Flash: Perl
Thorax: Color of your choice, greg uses many.

Tie in two goose biots on each side to form the tail.

Tie in ribbing wire

Dub your body and counter wrap the wire.

Cut off the hook point with side cutters, you do not want this because the connection between sections cannot hold the weight of the fish.

Using a piece of mono or super braid, loop it through the hook eye, tie both ends into a second hook and hit it with a drop of superglue.

Tie in your wingcase and flash.

Advance your thread forward and tie in your antennae. These can also be substituted with moose mane for a slimmer more natural look.

Dub a small section and tie in a set of biots on each side for legs.

Take a piece of heavy mono and burn both ends for eyes, this is optional.

Tie in the eyes, dub a small amt, pull over the wingcase and flash and whip finish.

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