Monday, November 3, 2008

Turkeys Everywhere

This hunting season has had very few moments when it comes to whitetail encounters but the turkey population is exploding. Ive seen birds on almost every trip to the woods. Its almost impossible not to see turkeys.

Saturday evening I took a stand that Ive been saving for this time of year. When I hung the stand weeks prior I had turkeys within a hundred yards the whole time. Around 3pm I heard very loud noise above me on the mountain. Assuming they were turkeys(i was hunting deer) I decided to be a little crazy. I called out to them with just my mouth. Within 10 seconds the woods exploded with turkeys flying down off the mountain and lighting in the trees. I waited and waited hoping to get a shot. Didnt pan out but I know of more then one place I have high expectations of filling my tag this fall.

Honestly, if you can call decent and are willing to get in an area where you see bird sign you are almost assured to kill a bird. Get out there and get them!

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