Monday, November 10, 2008

November 8, 2008 - Second To Last Saturday

As promised Im back to furnish my findings on what went down in the deer woods on Saturday.

The weather man predicted rain, typically when i hear this if I plan to go out I'll take my blind. Recently I figured it was time to invest in a treestand umbrella, best $11 dollars Ive ever spent. It goes up fast, its light and I wasnt soaked come Saturday morning.

I finally got settled in at 5:30am, a good hour before daylight. I decided not to use a drag figuring the rain would make it pointless. I stayed till 11am and never saw a deer. I think a couple guys have made some wrong moves that caused this. Remember, public land.

Afternoon found me in a funnel Ive been waiting to hunt. Its a long walk with a bunch of gear. Climbed up, pulled the bow up, knocked my quiver to the ground. I went back down for it. After I got to the top for a second time a resident near by started shooting at birds with a .22 cal rifle. I could hear bullets impacting the trees around me and decided no deer was worth dying. I walked back to the truck. It was 4pm, I packed it up and went home.

No deer seen but the kills on the roads tell me the movement must be great, theres dead deer everywhere.

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