Monday, November 3, 2008

Trade A Guided Fishing Trip For A Hunt

I would like to trade a full guided trip for a hunt somewhere other then pa. I dont expect it to be a game ranch but at least be put in an area that has good numbers and the chance i wont get ruined by another hunter(private land). If it would be on a ranch i REFUSE to hunt high fenced areas. Must be free ranging whitetail/elk/hogs. I would prefer to trade the trip with an Ohio, Kansas, Iowa or Wisconsin resident.

I would also be willing to trade a guided trip for two in Erie Pa during steelhead season or a stream in Central Pa such as Spring Creek, Little J, Penns Creek or others for EXCLUSIVE rights to a piece of property greater then 50 acres in size with the ability to create at least one food plot.

Im open to quite a few options, bounce one off of me.

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