Thursday, November 20, 2008

Changes, Take Note

Recently my server went down for a little bit. Dont fret, it should come back up today. I am in the market searching for a new hosting provider. Not that my current provider is bad, but theres better pricing available.

A new website is in design mode. Hopefully with the start of a new year will come a whole new website for This new site will have a new look, new formatting and new interaction that brings the site to life.

Additionally, I am begging work on a new product for Fishing and Hunting. This software will be something that everyone can and most likely will use. I will give people the ability to keep a journal, find weather predictions and much more. I cant let the cat out of the bag yet.

Keep your eyes on the site and get ready for a new year. Great things are on the way.

Please also take note that due to my internet provider blocking my email ports I would prefer you to email me at jeremy.hoffman(at) for spam purposes, replace at with @).


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